Lymonza – Red onion shampoo and hair oil combo pack


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Power of Onion: Onion extracts are rich in sulfur that aids in minimizing hair breakage and hair fall. Moreover, it’s beneficial in regaining voluminous hair growth. Its presence in the organic shampoo further fights dandruff, strengthens the hair from roots, and even reduces the possibility of grey hair.

Complete Hair Protection: Not only onion shampoo successfully deals with hair loss but also strengthens the scalp to regenerate stronger, shinier, and voluminous hair. Overall, an onion shampoo improves manageability.

Free From Harmful Toxins: Apart from being the best scalp shampoo for dandruff, it’s FREE from any Parabens, Sulphates, Silicone, Dyes, Mineral Oil, or any other harmful chemicals.

Promotes Hair Growth: Lymonza onion oil, combined with Radensil, reduces hair fall and promotes hair growth. Hair oil is a treatment to make hair soft, smooth, long, and dark permanently. Due to the natural elements present in onion, it strengthens the hair from the inside and outside

Nourishes the Scalp: Almond oil is known to nourish the scalp. Rich in vitamin D, almond oil nourishes and cools the scalp, making hair healthy and strong. Cooling the head relieves brain fatigue.


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